Street Luge


Street Luge

Street luge is an adrenaline-fueled gravity sport that involves riding a luge board, typically without brakes, down paved roads or courses at high speeds. Participants lie on their backs with their feet stretched out in front, using their body and weight distribution to steer and control the luge.

Street luge demands excellent balance, agility, and the ability to react quickly to changing road conditions. With its thrilling speeds and close-to-the-ground perspective, street luge provides a unique and intense experience for those seeking the ultimate downhill rush.


Street luge has its roots in the 1970s when skateboarders in California started experimenting with modified skateboards to ride down hills. The sport gained popularity in the 1990s, leading to the development of purpose-built luge boards with streamlined designs.

Street luge events and competitions emerged, showcasing the skill and speed of riders. Over time, safety measures such as protective gear and standardized regulations were implemented to ensure the sport’s continued growth.

Street luge continues to evolve with advancements in board design and racing techniques, offering an adrenaline-pumping experience for participants and an exciting spectacle for spectators.


Slide gloves are essential equipment for street luge racers, offering enhanced control and protection during high-speed descents. These specialized gloves feature built-in palm and finger pucks, which are made of durable materials like plastic or hard plastic, allowing racers to slide their hands along the pavement to maintain stability and control.

The palm and finger pucks on slide gloves provide a smooth and slick surface that reduces friction between the racer’s hands and the road. This enables racers to maintain balance and make precise adjustments while maneuvering through turns and bends. By using their gloved hands as additional points of contact with the road, street luge racers can fine-tune their body position and shift their weight to optimize their speed and control.

In addition to enhancing control, slide gloves also offer protection to the racer’s hands. The pucks act as a barrier between the hands and the road surface, reducing the risk of abrasions and injuries in the event of a fall or slide. The gloves themselves are often made of durable materials that provide a snug and secure fit, ensuring comfort and preventing the gloves from shifting during the race.

Slide gloves are designed with the specific needs of street luge in mind, offering racers the necessary tools to navigate the fast-paced and challenging environment of the sport. They are an integral part of a street luge racer’s gear, providing both control and protection for an exhilarating and safe ride down the paved roads.