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Freestyle Motocross, or FMX, is an electrifying action sport that pushes the boundaries of what is possible on a motocross bike. It involves riders performing awe-inspiring tricks, jumps, and aerial manoeuvres while soaring through the air. FMX combines the skill of motocross racing with the creativity and daring of acrobatics.

Riders execute backflips, front flips, tricks like ‘the Superman’ and ‘the Tsunami’, and combinations of various aerial stunts. With massive ramps and breathtaking jumps, freestyle motocross captivates audiences with its spectacle and showcases the remarkable skills and fearlessness of the riders.


Freestyle Motocross emerged in the 1990s as a natural evolution of motocross racing. Riders began experimenting with aerial tricks and stunts during motocross events, pushing the boundaries of what was considered possible on a dirt bike.

The first organised freestyle motocross competitions took place in the early 2000s, with riders showcasing their skills in high-flying exhibitions. The sport gained mainstream attention through events such as the X Games, which featured FMX as one of its premier disciplines

Today, freestyle motocross has a dedicated fan base and continues to evolve with new tricks, bigger jumps, and increasing levels of technical difficulty.


Freestyle Motocross (FMX) riders rely on foam pit training to push the boundaries of their sport and experiment with new tricks. Foam pits are large, cushioned landing areas filled with soft foam blocks that absorb the impact of jumps and provide a safe landing zone. FMX riders use these pits to practise complex aerial manoeuvres, flips, and spins without the risk of injury.

Foam pit training allows riders to refine their techniques, test their limits, and gain confidence in executing high-risk stunts. By practising in a controlled environment, riders can experiment with new tricks, perfect their form, and develop muscle memory for precise movements. The forgiving nature of the foam pit minimises the consequences of unsuccessful attempts, providing a valuable learning experience.

Once riders have mastered a trick in the foam pit, they can progress to performing it on dirt ramps or in live competitions. Foam pit training serves as a crucial stepping stone in the progression of FMX riders, enabling them to safely explore the boundaries of what is possible on a motocross bike. It helps them build the skills, body control, and confidence necessary to execute jaw-dropping stunts and awe-inspiring manoeuvres in front of audiences worldwide.